To do list…

Life has been quite hectic for me lately, hence why there haven’t been too many blog posts. I promise to get back into the swing of things in the next week or so and I also want to do better on a few other things while I’m at it….

1. I need to drink more water less juice. Water keeps you hydrated and flushes out your system. It’s an energy booster. Your skin has a healthier appearance.

2. Restock “Spikes Closet“. It’s been a few months since “Spikes’ Closet” has opened and I haven’t updated it with anymore merchandise. I know that is horrible. I’ve sold just about everything and it’s time to restock! I just need to make more time and snap pics. I promise to do that before the holidays.

3. DIY! I spotted these fab earrings on “A Pair and a Spare” and they are really easy to make. They look so cool! I need to start doing my DIY projects so that I can have another creative outlet.

4. More DIY nails! I need to really get back to my DIY nails! I haven’t posted a nail diy project on the blog in a while. I must try this glitter ombre nail. Perfect for the Holidays!

5. Exercise! I’m 26 now and I’m starting to realize as you get older your metabolism slows down. I can’t fit into my jeans like I use to. Time to excercise and shed a few pounds! Maybe yoga?

6. Spend more time with my best friend aka my sister!

7. Save money. No more shopping for a few months!

8. It’s time to move up in my career. I’m ready for something challenging, exciting and new!

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