November’s Artist of the Month: 3rd Culture Designer, Erin Robinson

November’s Artist of the Month is Designer, Erin Robinson. I have to say that I’m in love with her work. Not only does she share the same love for children’s wear as I do but she’s a fellow FIT Alumni! Oh and we share the same first name, ERIN! This lady is awesome and these babies modeling her designs are too cute! Read a little more about her and her clothing line, 3rd Culture below…

3rd Culture, or 3rd Cult for short, is a reflection of the principle that culture should be celebrated, not abandoned. We are the answer to cultural rejection and we are the by-product of centuries of cultural dispersions.  3rd Culture pays homage to both our ancient images and our contemporary style. This brand is about celebration, unification, love, and pride.  We specialize in womenswear, kidswear, as well as menswear. Our clothes are for the unabashed and unafraid.

Born in Baltimore, bred in New York, and now currently residing in the Bay Area. But the online shop is worldwide!

Why are you Artist of the month?
Short answer: Because I’m simply awesome. Seriously though, I’d like to say I’m part of a global movement of “world citizens”, people who can identify with, respect, and understand all cultures. I aim to reflect that same respect in all my designs and art.

What inspires you?
I’m inspired by so much.  People just generally interest me, and are the focal point behind my designs and art. Also, I love nature. I tend to use a lot of trees/leaf prints/floral motifs in my work. I never grow tired of nature. It is a wealthy source of inspiration for me.

Is there anything else that you would like to create/accomplish that you haven’t already?
I’d like to do a textile residency in either Mali or Kenya. Although I’m pretty open to anywhere, I’m thinking of those specific countries because of their respective well-known traditions in mud cloth and weaving. I’d like to learn as many ancient techniques from as many cultures as I can, as I believe it will continuously infuse strength and longevity in my work. I want my designs to last. I’m not interested in making disposable fashion. Also, I’d like to continue traveling the world, particularly working with kids in art. I’m extremely blessed to have seen the countries that I’ve seen (specifically Nicaragua, Guatemala, and India). I would love to see the African continent in its entirety, and I have some friends scattered throughout Europe and Asia that I’d love to visit in this lifetime.

Do have any advice?
Don’t ever underestimate the people you interact with. It’s not about using people for what they have to offer, but it’s more so about taking knowledge and information from even the most ironic of sources. I learned about wholesale pricing from working in a bakery. And, although this is such a cliché: stay humble! We’re all here to grow, and become. Take the time to thank everyone for getting you to where you are. You’re nothing without your supporters!
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