Hello Yellow!

Yellow is my favorite color!!! I LOVE yellow! That is why this outfit is probaely one of my favorites.

About the dress… This amazing dress came a hot and trendy affordable boutique called Ruby and Jenna! They have such great pieces with a great price! This dress was less than $40! You will be seeing more outfit posts featuring items from this store!!!

Check out their store locations here

About the shoes… A while back when I went to the Lulu’s Style Studio, each guest received a gift certificate for a free pair of shoes from Michael Antonio! I knew I had to order one of the infamous yellow shoes by Michael Antonio called the Gallista! Unfortunately, it was sold out back then but good things come to those who wait! I waited for over a month until the website restocked the yellow Gallista and the lovely people over at Michael Antonio shipped the shoes right to meeee! Whoo hoooo! I was very excited to receive them and they fit perfectly. The details of these bad boys are amazing. The Gallista shoes are funky velvet heels with an abstract cut-out design and it has a flirty tassel that hangs on the heel.


You can purchase the Gallista:


Michael Antonio

Nasty Gal

10 thoughts on “Hello Yellow!

  1. You look amazballs!!! 🙂 Have you ever thought about doing a “how to work with color” type post…I’m horrible with putting prints and or colors together. I’ve been color blocking even before it was a trend…lol

  2. I hope u don’t mind if I ask, but I have a low back dress like this one that I want to wear next month. Are u wearing a special type of bra with the dress? If so, what’s the brand and where can I buy one.

    1. Hi Faye, Honestly I didn’t wear a bra under this dress butttt I do own a backless bra from Victoria’s Secret. They have many bras for special silhouettes…like plunging necklines or backless dress! I hope this helps 🙂 Oh and the dress is from Ruby and Jenna so it is their brand 🙂

  3. i work at ruby and jenna and I’ve never seen someone look this great in this dress!! loving it!

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