Lingerie As Outerwear


The trend for wearing your intimate pieces as outerwear is growing steadily! Wearing a bustier, slip or bra during the day isn’t taboo anymore. You may very well spot a young lady wearing her bustier paired with a flirty skirt. I personally LOVE intimate apparel and if styled right, I’d definitely wear some of my intimates as outerwear. Above are some “Lingerie As Outerwear” looks I love.

A couple weeks ago I purchased this leopard slip from Victoria’s Secret. It reminded me of the infamous slipdress by Dolce & Gabbana. Now, you are meant to wear this slipdress under your clothing but I can’t help but to toy with the idea of wearing it as a minidress for an evening affair. So what do you think? Should intimate apparel be worn as outerwear?


2 thoughts on “Lingerie As Outerwear

  1. your body is out of this world! the slip looks amazing on you! looks like a dress, i dont think anyone will realise

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