Spikes & Sequins Won Blogger Awards!!!

I’m very honored to say SpikesandSequins.com has won several blogger awards!!! A HUGE Thank You to FashionForJoJo.com! Thank you so much for the recognition! It always feels gratifying when someone recognizes your hard work and creativity. Thank you so much!

Check out more bloggers and their awards here!

See what SpikesandSequins.com won below!


“This award goes to the bloggers who have perfected their poses and always know how to give us a great photo of not only their outfit, but their personality as well.”

Blogger Awards 2012.002


“This award goes to the bloggers photographers of these awesome blogs. Thanks for not only capturing the remarkable style of your blogger bud but for also capturing the story, because a picture says a thousand words, it is that intimacy that you’ve captured that  just draws us in deeper.”


“This award goes to the bloggers who are fearless to fashion, they often or occasionally break the rules and it works for them. Their not afraid to try something new, or out the box. They can make any look work.”

Blogger Awards 2012.003

“This award goes to the bloggers who’s closets we’d like to raid, simple as that.”

Blogger Awards 2012.009

“This award goes to many of you who have just  been Stylish & Fabulous through out the year, we love your blog!”

Blogger Awards II.003

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