Meooow~ Lazy Oaf

cat9 copycat3 copycat5 copycat10 copycat1 copycat7 copycat6 copy

I hope everyone had a great weekend! In this look I’m wearing one of my favorite brands Lazy Oaf. Lazy Oaf isn’t new to this blog. I LOVE just about everything they create. This brand reps my personal style 100%! It’s fun, quirky, colorful and playful. I LOVE IT! I recently added this cat dress to the rest of my Lazy Oaf collection. The space backpack was actually my first purchase by Lazy Oaf about 3 years ago and I still adore it! You can purchase this dress here and find a similar backpack here. Lazy Oaf FOREVER! haha 🙂



I’m hoping to add the below pieces to my ever growing Lazy Oaf collection soon…I just can’t get enough!!!


You can find Lazy Oaf on Asos. Free US shipping and returns! Yea baby!


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