Striped Pineapples In Sin City

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Howdy everyone! I’m back from my trip to Las Vegas! I had an amazing time visiting the Magic Trade Show in Sin City. I can’t wait to share with you ALL THE GREAT fashions I was lucky enough to see. It was a great experience to network and meet fellow individuals who have the same passion about fashion as me! Before I post about my finds at Magic I wanted to share with you this amazing swimsuit BAHGAIN before the sale is over. I purchased this swimsuit at Macy’s for $10.00 including a 20% off coupon.  I paired the swimsuit with pineapple earrings by Melody Ehsani.

I wore this entire look to a fun pool party at the Encore Beach Club. I had a great time with wonderful friends but unfortunately the day ended on a sad note. When I went to pick up my belongings from the locker room after the pool party my beloved Jeffrey Campbell sandal was lost. 😦 I’m so bummed about it. If anyone that was at the party on Friday, August 23rd has seen my dear shoe or took it by accident please let me know. I was really excited to post about this shoe for you guys but now its missing and I never was able to take a picture for you. I’m really upset about it because I take pride in my belongings and I just purchased these darlings. The hotel has been helpful and said there was nothing they can do but wait until it shows up.  Not even replace them. I hope they come home to mama! I had an amazing day at the party but it would be nice to get my shoe back. Waaaah 😦 Lesson: Leave your valuables in your hotel room.

 Anyway sorry for my rant.. you can buy the swimsuit top and bottom here. And for the missing amazing  Jeffrey Campbell, “Affair” shoe that got lost you can buy it here.

myshoes copy

Pictured here with my amazing designer/friend Priscilla who also got her swimsuit from Macy’s on sale for $20.00!

2013-08-23 13.00.20 2013-08-23 14.18.56Pictured here with my boo/designer Kim! We had a blast but I want my shoe back 😦


Stay tuned for more escapades in Sin City!

2013-08-23 10.52.54

4 thoughts on “Striped Pineapples In Sin City

  1. Awww that sucks! hope they get returned to you… I would be pissed if my JC’s were missing! oh and those earrings are on my wish list 😉

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