Artist Of The Month: The College Girl By La’China B.

Immediately when I saw this awesome campaign for “The College Girl” inspired “lipwear” I became excited and couldn’t wait to read about the unique concept behind this awesome logo/brand. As I read further I learned that La’China B., the founder of “The College Girl” is only 21 years old! I just knew I had to contact her and share her amazing product and story with the rest of you to inspire you to keep chasing your dreams! Anything is possible!!! Read her interview below….
Thank you La’China for sharing!!!
Enjoy 🙂 image
Who? Where?
With just a pen, a notebook, a load of ideas and a few minimum waged paychecks, La’China B. took just a few hours out of her day (daily) to invest into a project that she now refers to as a business – “The College Girl (by La’China B.)”
The 21 year old lipstick entrepreneur and founder behind the new Brooklyn, NY based, innovative brand on the rise, inspires many young females throughout the globe to embrace both the positive and negative experiences in college and to place them into a tube to “wear it” as a symbolic gesture of ambition. With the line, she plans to support beauty, confidence, exploration, education, and style within her generation and to pursue a brand that is more than just make up, but a movement.
Why are you Artist of the month?
I personally feel as if I have a story that is very similar to several young women out there, however I am just an example of one who did not stop. Even now, I am currently in process of working towards my goals and I want show my fellow “College Girls” that this is what you are capable of when you refuse to be another “number comfortable with the norm”. As artist of the month, I would like to share my ambition and movement with several “College Girls” like myself and to show that if you work towards anything you can do it !
What inspires you?
My experience as a college student who was unable to continue “her” college career due to lack of finance inspires me. Other girls out there with a similar story like myself, inspires me. The potential voice and movement that I plan to use to bring awareness to financial obstacles in the college environment inspires me.  Being innovative inspires me. Most of all my supporters inspires!
Is there anything else that you would like to create/accomplish that you haven’t already?
Yes, I actually plan to take the line/ brand to another level . Other than just lipstick , I do plan to expand to other cosmetics products, as well as clothing , accessories and so forth. In addition, I also plan to become more involved with the community and school environment (both high school and college, in which I have already started.) with “life after high school” seminars and so on. Lastly, my biggest goal of them all is to one day build a “College Girl Scholarship Fund” for the hard working college girls out there. I have a lot to accomplish and I am super excited to put these ideas to work!
Do have any advice?
 I would definitely tell all my young women, to “wear it”.  Wear your positive and negative experiences and let them inspire you because once you do so you will never settle to produce nothing but success.
Contact info:
My product can be purchased through Instagram @thecollegegirl also by emailing
Any questions and inquires can also be answered at
The prices range from $10 to $15 depending on the edition. I currently have two collections available for purchase… one called “Smoothies” (by The College Girl La’China B.) and the other “Wear It” (by The College Girl La’China B.) I have also introduced special appearances such as the “TCG GLITTER LIP” for the trails.
The infamous “Smoothies” are not lip glosses nor lipstick , but lip creams. They are well known for their ability to last long, vibrant colors, matte quality and their minty fragrance and tingle when applied. Unlike ,”Smoothies”, the “Wear it”  collection consist of actually lipstick. This product is a lot softer and very versatile in shade. Also the names are very cute!


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