Betsey is my Best Friend!

Recently, I got an email from Elaine from the Betsey Johnson outlet store in Deer Park. Elaine is an angel sent down from heaven! I met her, a few months ago when Sequins and I went on our Valentine’s Day Shopping Spree. She was very helpful and promised to keep me posted on any upcoming sales. She also mention she would keep an eye out on pieces that she thought would fit my punky style ;). Well, Elaine kept her promise and emailed me this week with great news!!! “Currently we are having a 40% off sale at the Betsey Johnson outlet store in Deer Park. Inclusive on our sale are ALL items in the store…..apparel, accessories (jewelry, handbags, etc), shoes, and EVEN price pointed clearance items!!…” Elaine also attached a photo of a dress (a spaghetti strap black and white skull and cross bone dress) she thought I would like and BOY was she RIGHT!

After, I read that email I hurried there to buy this darling dress! Best part about this dress is not only does it have skulls and pockets but it only cost $15.00!!!! Yes, that’s not a typo! It only cost $15.00!!!!!!! My heart flutters every time I think about that price 🙂 AH-mazing!

Of course I couldn’t leave there with only one dress! 😉

Got some cute sandals… trimmed in tulle and studs!

Pictures from the store…

Elaine ringing up my finds!

Elaine wrapped my $15.00 jewel!

Love her tattoos!

She wrapped them so pretty! It felt like my birthday!

The beautiful ladies of Betsey Johnson

I shopped and lived HAPPILY EVER AFTER! Thank you again Elaine!

Make sure you stop by. The sale ends Monday!

Betsey Johnson – Deer Park Store
1416 The Arches Circle
Deer Park, NY 11729
Phone – 631-667-8810
Fax – (631) 667-8814

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