Baby Blue

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Last week I attended my big sister ‘s wedding and this is what I wore. I had a great time and ate so much! So good… so good… so good! Congratulations to my big sister and brother on their union!

This sassy plunging neckline baby blue dress and shoes are both from The earrings and bag are from Accessorize.

Now, if you’re thinking about ordering this dress or wear one like it be sure to also purchase the proper undergarments. Wearing proper undergarments are a must for ladies because if you don’t wear proper ones it can KILL your entire ensemble… and I don’t mean it KILL IT in a good way! For this dress I wore a “U” shape bra.”U” shape bras are perfect for plunging necklines like this dress. They give you coverage, lift and keep those babies in place. 😉

You can probably find “U” shape bras in any lingerie section of a dept. store but here is a link…

Nordstrom’s “U” shape bra


Outfit deets: earrings and bag from Accessorize, dress and shoes from

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