Hazel & Mircia

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Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I’ve been very busy packing and moving 😦 I can’t wait until it’s all over LOL After packing up my closet I realized it’s time to sell and get rid of many items in my closet. Look for details about a closet sale very soon 😉

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I wore this outfit to my cousin’s cocktail birthday party…nothing like a midi pencil skirt for cocktail hour! The PVC “Mircia” skirt is from Missguided.com. I paired it with the “Hazel” nude bodysuit from my newest favorite online store BooHoo.com. I’m also wearing my new favorite hair extensions from Abhair.com. These clip in’s are by far my most favorite extensions. They are bouncy, full and blend so well with my own hair. Once I get settled from moving I will be doing a full review of Abhair.com. I can’t wait! Have a wonderful week and thank you for following me on my fashion journey even when I’m MIA!


Outfit deets: Lip color by NYX’s lip matte cream (Abu Dhabi), hair extensions dark brown #2 by Abhair.com, Hazel” bodysuit from boohoo.com, earrings from Accessorize, skirt from Missguided, shoes by Report

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