July Artist Of The Month: House Of Aama

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July’s Artist Of The Month is an amazing budding clothing brand, House Of Aama. When I first came across House Of Aama I was captivated by this picture below and all of it’s chicness…


I knew I had to find out who designed these awesome clothing and share it with all of you! Please read about House Of Aama and see more from their line.

Thank you House Of  Aama for sharing! Enjoy! 🙂

Who: House of Aama is a culturally inspired lifestyle brand founded in 2012 by Akua Shabaka and Rebecca Henry. The mother and daughter duo desired to fulfill a need to see more of themselves in their personal sartorial expression.  House of Aama was born out of their need to express themselves culturally and hopefully inspire others to manifest their own unique inner expression of self.
House of Aama currently offers a clothing line consisting of original designs, upcycled vintage, vintage and hip hop vintage.  Urban Nomad, is a capsule collection inspired by traditional West and East African design launched in 2014.
Please see our video in the About Section of our website (HouseofAama.com) for more information about House of Aama.
Where: House of Aama is based in Los Angeles and can be contacted through its website HouseofAama.com
Why are you Artist of the Month: I want to show young women that it is possible to achieve a dream and to begin the path of achieving that dream while still young.  House of Aama was born during Akua’s first year of high school with the full support of her mother who also works for herself as a lawyer.  It is important to support young people who have an entrepreneurial spirit and to lead by example.  We have every intent in growing this business and establishing House of Aama as a go to brand for those that are culturally inspired.
What inspires you: House of Aama is inspired by nature and how especially indigenous people adorn and beautify themselves with their natural environment.
Is there anything else that you would like to create/accomplish that you haven’t already: House of Aama would like to expand into home furnishings and linens and eventually open a brick and mortar storefront.
Do have any advice: It is important to surround yourself with positive people who are driven to succeed and who support your goals. Also, running a business involves a lot of trial and error and do not be discouraged by minor bumps in the road. Keep your eye on the prize.
Contact info:
Website:  Houseofaama.com
Tele:  323-829-2278



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