Click this pic to get to the clearance section of ASOS

A couple weeks ago, while doing trend research for work I discovered a pot of gold…ASOS.COM !!! I made an emergency call to Sequins, to ask her if she ever heard of it or even ordered from here…to my surprise she did! Sequins’ stamp of approval confirmed our new addiction. is located in the UK. They have the most delicious clothing and accessories anyone can ask for. What attracts us to this site is the unbeatable prices and the cost of shipping to the US is only $6.00!!! Yes, you read that correctly…$6.00! We’ve been addicts to ASOS because their items sell out very quickly so we go on there DAILY. The key to shopping ASOS is, when you see something you really want buy it asap because if you go back later more than likely it won’t be there. We learned that the hard way unfortunately. The site is very user friendly, there are many search options including size, color, price and even celebrities. You can even click to watch the model wear the clothing down the catwalk. WE DIED!

We received our first orders already and we’re very happy…check it out what do you think?


I call this my Magic School Bus Dress...I think it's very reminiscent of Ms. Frizzle

Looove the sheer lace back on this dress

I ordered more items but I haven’t received them yet. I’ll take pics as soon as my packages arrive. In the meantime checkout what I purchased…

This is the dress that I saw first. It made me join the site. It was out of stock then a couple weeks later they restocked! I'm so lucky =)


Great Quality!!! Really opaque


Spikes =)

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