United Nude comes to the Big Apple

About a year ago, my sister and I were shopping in Century 21 and we saw these outlandish, space, foam, cross breed between a wedge, maryjane and a pair of Crocs shoes! These shoes were made by a Dutch brand named United Nude. Immediately we fell in love not only because of it’s unique nature but also because they were light-weight and comfortable. It feels like you’re walking on air. These shoes made our feet smile. We loved our United Nude shoes so much we looked all over to find where we could purchase more but we were unable to find any stores in NY or the United States! Now, fast forward to Spring 2010 United Nude has opened a flagship store on Bond Street!!! All of New York can dress their toesies in structural & architectural shoes!

Some new styles:

United Nude store in NY via WWD

Check out a few articles on the store opening here and here
Check out the United Nude website here

Spikes šŸ˜‰

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