Irregular Choice Bag


A couple weeks ago, I was passing Daffy’s on 34th street and saw this beautiful ugly creature in the display window. It was a one of a kind Irregular Choice hamster bag. I HAD TO HAVE IT! I ran into Daffy’s asap to see if I could find this adorable bag. I didn’t find it anywhere. I asked the sales associate “Excuse me Ms. do you have any of the Irregular Choice animal bags like one in the display case left? ” She answered ” Oh no, they are sold out and there’s a waiting list for the one in window. You have to wait until the display is taken down, before you can buy it. Also the people on the waiting list before you will be called first.” I just died! I had to have this bag, so I decided to put my name on the list and stalk the store everyday until this bag was released! I begged and pleaded with the managers and sales associates. I kept dreaming of the day this ugly/cute bag would be on my arm. I planned outfits and imagined me carrying it. This bag is one of a kind. You can’t find it anywhere! I called for weeks all the Daffy’s stores across the US to find this bag. I tried ebay and google searches. I even called the Irregular Choice store downtown, but it was sold out. People thought I was crazy when called and described this bag…”It has a cotton ball tail!?! Is it a children’s toy!?!” but I didn’t care. I had to have this bag. Everyday I passed the 34th street display case to make sure it wasn’t released. Then, one day my determination and stalking paid off. I got a call from the 34th street Daffy’s that my bag was released from the display window! I rannnnnnnnn ready, willing and able to purchase my BAG! The bag originally cost from $69.00 to $90.00, Daffy’s sold it for $17.99! AHHHHHHHHHHHH I DIED! It was like HEAVEN on EARTH! I got my bag….Lesson: A little determination and hard work will get you great results. Never let anything stir you away from what you truly want. Anything is possible even when some say it’s not.

😉 Spikes

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