Irregular Choice Part 3!

MINE, MINE, MINE! This week I ran to Daffy’s and found these gorgeous babies…

Yup, those are amphibians on my hot pink shoes! Aren’t they darling!?! The best part is that they were only $49.00! for Irregular Choice shoes!!!!

They are even pretty on the inside!

Parrots on the sole…come on these are official right hurrrrr!
When I got home I did some research on the actual Irregular Choice website and they come in two other colors…but they are $125.00!!!! I’m so lucky πŸ™‚ Check it out here

It looks so authentic with algae on the back.

Here are my favorites from their Spring/Summer collection…

Ahhhh monkey! I DIE!

If any of these shoes made you feel warm and fuzzy inside please head over to Daffy’s and get lucky too! If you don’t have a Daffy’s near you visit the Irregular Choice site and treat your feet to some unique, fun, and whimsical shoes.

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