“She got her toes done up wit her FINGERNAILS matchin!”

I love painting my own nails! I like to do really unique and eye catching designs. One of my most complimented nail designs are my tiger stripe nails…RAWRRRR! Why do minx when you can do it yourself!?!?! It’s inexpensive and fun. Here is step by step how to achieve the tiger stripe nail…


1) Used for the stripe: L.A. Art Decor nail art laquer, for this design I used color black but they come in all colors ($1.80 at Forever 21)

2) Used for a topcoat: Sally Hansen Advanced, Hard as Nails Strengthening Topcoat (about $4.00 at any drugstore) This topcoat will prevent and cracking or chipping.

3) Used for color: Victoria’s Secret, Pink Beauty Rush nail polish I love their nail polishes because they have a shiney gloss finish and saturated colors (I bought 5 for a $1.00 at the Victoria’s Secret outlet store) *Note: you can use any nail polish brand or color for this part*


Apply two coats of the nail polish of your choice…

After your two coats of polish dry completely, apply the L.A. Art Decor nail laquer. Start by drawing very thin lines from side to side on the nail bed. It’s ok if some lines are thicker than others, the more random the lines are the more it will look like an authentic animal print.

Apply as many lines as you want to each nail until you’re FINI!

This is the last step. After the stripes have dried completely apply the topcoat to each nail. This topcoat is AWESOME! My nails don’t chip for a week and 1/2!

ALL DONE! Pls send us photos if you try this at home. I’d love to see the outcome šŸ™‚

Spikes šŸ˜‰

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