Zac Posen for Target

Finally, GOOD news! Fab Designer Zac Posen, has teamed up with Target for the GO COLLECTION. This is one collection I’m super excited about. “This collection marks a series of firsts for Target, including a women’s tuxedo ($50 for the jacket and $40 for the pants) and a gown ($60). The fabrics are surprisingly luxe and the pieces are heavy on accoutrements — a heavy floral brocade skirt with an exposed back zipper is just $50, while the floral gown is made from a chiffon blend. A strapless party dress ($80 in black or red) comes with a removable poufy tutu skirt, and a fitted navy dress with snap and open lattice detail ($70).” The line hits Target stores April 25th but if you lived in the NY Tri-state area you were lucky to visit the Zac Posen for Target Pop-up shop. The pop-up shop opened April 15th 11pm til April 16th 11pm. Here, you were able to purchase pieces from the line before it hits stores later this month. Here are pics from the Pop-Up shop today…

Take a look at the lookbook…

Karina and I ran to the Pop-up shop early this morning to find our favorite pieces. We were afraid everything would be sold out from the night before. I really wanted the tuxedo bodysuit and the tiger print dress. Karina really wanted the brocade dress and tuxedo jacket. When we arrived it was EMPTY, no lines and no people. I found my tuxedo bodysuit!!!! Yay! Karina found her tuxedo jacket but they didn’t have my Tiger dress and they didn’t have Karina’s brocade dress in her size. But we did end up getting really cool freebies…Zac Posen buttons, lollipops, ring pops and red heart shape sunglasses.

Zac buttons

Our purchases came in these Zac Posen shopping bags…

Karina’s tuxedo jacket

My tuxedo bodysuit along with the free sunglasses, ring pop and lips lollipop. I paired it with a black skirt from HM and houndstooth tights by Betsey Johnson. Oh and no folks I will not strut my stuff on the streets in just a bodysuit. MAybe in Erin’s Wonderland I would…hmmm dreamy 🙂

Make sure you stop by Target on April 25th!!!!

Spikes 😉

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