Spikes & Sequins in Zac Posen

Last weekend was the release for Zac Posen for Target. Spikes & Sequins were very excited about this collection. See our other Zac Posen post here and here

Sequins had her eyes set on this Tiger print dress. I had my eyes on the Snap dress, Polka dot dress and perhaps anything else in my size πŸ™‚

We woke up on Sunday morning to only find out our favorite items were already sold out online! Sequins made a call to her local Target to see if they still had the Tiger print dress in stock and WOMP WOMP it wasn’t! She was so pissed and so was I! This “pissosity” fueled me to shop ALL the local Targets to find our dresses! The 1st Target I visit had 0, nothing, cero, out of stock! I couldn’t believe it. The 2nd Target, I walked in and AHHHHHHHHH, the snap dress hanging there in my size but still no Tiger print dress for Sequins. I was determined to find this dress for her. I walked around the women’s section to see if anyone put it down. Then, I went to the fitting room to see if there was any put backs, and WAH-LA BOOM BOOM behold, Sequins’ dress was hanging on the put back rack in her size! I DIED! I called her right away and she knew it! She knew I found her dress and she screamed!!! Yes, we won and were not defeated like that Outnet.com sale. Ugh! After that, I still wanted the Polka dot dress and perhaps a Zac Posen tank. So, I went to a 3rd Target and 4th Target and finally found the Polka dot dress and Zac tank in my size! Spikes & Sequins lived happily ever after with Zac Posen in their closets!

Here are our finds from the Zac Posen for Target:

Spikes’ in the Polka dot and Snap dresses

Zac lipstick tank and tee

Sequins in her Tiger print dress

While I was touring all the Targets, I came across the Jean Paul Gautier collection on clearance! I DIED! I picked up these pieces for less than half price! Always check Target’s clearance racks they have great markdowns!

Polk dot slip dress…it’s so soft and comfy! Then, a pinstripe double breasted jacket…. channeling Boomerang πŸ™‚

Tattoo swimsuit for summer πŸ˜‰

Target FOREVA! Thank you Mommy for taking time out your day to tour the Targets with me!!!

Spikes πŸ˜‰

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