I have skeletons in my closet…

Yes, my skeletons are out the closet and ready to play! I have a love for skeleton themed clothing. Wearing skeletons is not reserved for only Halloween anymore. It’s become a trend. I like femurs, clavicles, skulls any other fashionable bones 🙂 Recently, I ordered these HAWT orange skeletons leggings by Wildfox(see Sequins’ Wildfox post here) from Karmaloop.com and I found these Betsey Johnson thigh high socks from Marshalls!

I married these two items with a “Sexy Bones” boyfriend tee from Zara. How perfect!?!

And let’s not forget my rose print skull headband from Topshop…

If you don’t get lucky at Marshalls finding these skull socks no worries because NastyGal has a similar pair for $24.00

As for the leggings you can purchase them on Karmaloop.com

Not too big on neon orange!?! Don’t worry they come in black too…

Wildfox even has a matching sweatshirt…

Want to be daring? Try a tube top

How about those toes?

Glow in the dark Dr. Martens from Zappos

Jeremy Scott’s got a bone to pick wit cha! You can purchase these at Opening Ceremony.

Tickle your lover’s funny bone by wearing this cute ensemble on you’re next date. You can purchase this saucy dress here.

Have fun with fashion. Don’t take it so serious. Have a Happy Halloween everyday!

Spikes 😉

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