Movie of the week

After watching Boomerang a few weeks ago, I went on a 90’s craze. I really wanted to watch Strictly Business…also featuring Halle Berry! Ahhhhhh Halle Berry plays Natalie and her wardrobe is to die for! I took snap shots of my favorite outfits in the movie. Once again it’s amazing how fashion repeats itself…

I need this skirt and off shoulder top asap.

Beautiful earrings look great with short cuts.

Ok Halle needs to stop! This dress with cutouts! Ahhhhhh to die for….SHOOT ME!

This studded strapless dress omg!

Motorcycle leather jacket yum

Is she wearing Sequins’ blazer?!?

Her jeans have the HOLY spirit! LOve!

This corset…sexy

Besides being mesmerized by Halle’s wardrobe, this movie is hilarious… Tommy Davidson is a hot mess… “She’s so skinny she can hula-hoop with a cheerio!” Go watch this asap and reminisce about the good ol 90’s! Thanks Tigga for letting me borrow it 😉

If watchin this movie doesn’t make you reminisce about the 90’s I’m sure this will…
Jeff Redd “You Called and Told me”-(sorry about the bad qlty)

Get it Halle!!!!!

Spikes 😉

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