Spikes’ Must Haves for Summer!

Summer is one of my favorite seasons. Lets shed our winter coats, boots and hats and put on sundresses, shades and shorts. I love the sun, she makes me smile. 🙂

1. Skeletons! This Summer don’t be afraid to let skeletons out your closet. Check out our bone crushing posts here and here.

2. Straw Hats, especially fedoras aren’t only for the fellas anymore. I bought this one in dusty pink at UNIQLO to wear with my sundresses and rompers.

3. Ditsy Florals are HAWT for this Spring/Summer! I purchased this adorable romper with cute peplum ruffles and pink pearlized buttons. Ditsy Florals brings back memories of the early 90’s…SAVED BY THE BELL! I always loved Lisa Turtle.

4. BOWS, BOWS, BOWS! Big bows are so much fun and definitely a trend for the Summer. You can find bows on tee-shirts, headbands, shoes, earrings, dresses and even nails! I’ll be rockin’ this leopard psychedelic bow with a cute black body con dress.

5. Shove those dark gloomy colors where the sun don’t shine! This Summer try colorful nail polish colors. My favorites are yellow, pistachio green and an updated black color with glitter.

6. Don’t be so shady! Heart shaped flirty sunglasses and circular shades are must haves for the summer. I feel so Jackie O!

7. Minnie Mouse is baaaack! She’s back and ruling the fashion world. Whether is it’s her ears, polka dots, or her face screenprinted on a tee. She creeping back into our closets and I’m not complaining!

8. Minnie Mouse ears!

9. Again, straw hats are a must! I found this adorable mini boat hat that you can wear as a hair clip @ HM.

10. High waisted denim shorts. Crop tops are back so pairing a crop top with high waisted shorts are a must!

11. Crossbodie bags are great for the Summer. They’re user friendly and it keeps your hands free so you can throw ya hands up at those Summer Festivals!!! The gold purse was my Grandma’s back in the 80’s. That lady had style!!!

12. Crazy leggings are meant for Summer. They’re light weight, comfortable and a perfect alternative for jeans. I adore these polka dot leggings purchased from American Apparel…

13. “She wore an itsy bitsy yellow polka dot bikini!” How fun is this polka dot swimsuit!?! I love the fact it’s high waisted for a Pin-up girl look!

14. Another cross body bag but this one has flava. Lovin these studs!

Spikes 😉

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