Artist of the Month: Ma Petite Plume

Each month of the year Spikes & Sequins will feature an Artist or creative person that inspires us and leaves us wanting more…

This month we are featuring Ma Petite Plume, a jewelry company created by Karina Manukov. Read her interview below:

Who? Ma Petite Plume – Karina Manukov – jewelry designer/children’s wear designer

Where? I live in Brooklyn now. I am originally from Russia.

Why are you Artist of the month? I am the artist of the month because I feel that my work is original and creative. All of my pieces are done by hand and i put great effort and planning into my necklaces.

What inspires you? Daily things inspire me. I can get inspiration from fashion magazines, nature, and even the things I see on the streets of Manhattan.

Is there anything else that you would like to create/accomplish that you haven’t already? I love cooking. It is a great passion of mine. Whenever I stumble upon a new recipe I have to try it out. My dream is to open a bakery, where I will be the head pastry chef.

Do have any advice? Be true to yourself. Don’t be afraid to express yourself and always have a creative idea, something original that is not seen anywhere else.

Contact info:

Please visit her shop on Etsy to purchase a one of a kind “beautious” handmade piece here and join her fan club on Facebook here.

Pics of Spikes wearing her Ma Petite Plume “Victorian Grunge” necklace. It’s perfect with jeans and pumps for a casual night on the town 😉

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