Hair Trends for 2010

Doing some research on new haircuts I came across this website with really great fashion topics and pics. I also found out that my haircut is right on target for hair trends of 2010! Who knew!?! Check out the trends below:

Short black/dark haircuts <—- this is me!!!

Kate Moss even cut and dyed her long light locs!

Had to throw myself in here OW! hehe πŸ™‚

The side messy braid

The 1940’s long wave

This hair style is perfect for Sequins

The 1970’s textured wave

The slick wet look Some are androgynous

The knot <— I use to rock this hard core before I cut my locks

My favorites are the short black haircut, slick hair and side braid because it’s so easy to accomplish those looks. Happy hairdo0s!

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