Our go to site just announced they will have a U.S. site launching this fall! “We’ve already established quite a bit of a U.S. business, but our goal is to create an easier shopping experience for American customers,” said Nick Robertson, Asos’ CEO. The new site will feature prices in dollars and American terminology. They decided to do this because the U.S. accounted for almost 7 percent of their sales last year, which is more than any other country outside the U.K.

Although there will be a U.S. site, goods will still be shipped from the main Asos warehouse outside of London. According to Robinson, once sales in the U.S. reach a certain level, Asos will likely open a U.S. distribution center.

We can’t wait!!! As much as we shop on the site now, it could get dangerous once they make it easier 😉

❤ Sequins

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