Charlotte Foreva!

This past week, I posted about the Charlotte Ronson sample sale here WhooooOOoohaaAaAa! Bargains, bahgains and mOre BAHgains! Here are our finds…

I bought 5 outfits for under $200.00!!!
Knit dress (only $15.00) & chocolate suede wedges to match

Denim romper & Tan suede (only cost $20.00) hidden platform slingbacks to match (Sequins bought a pair too) We couldn’t resist these cute shoes!

Rib sweater skirt with front zippers (only $15.00) and black/cream canvas slingbacks (only $20.00)

Blush pink crop top, black harem pants with laced-up sides and black spiked sandals (only $40.00)

Studded acid wash denim dress with wedge sneakers (only cost $30.00) when I spotted these I DIED! They have the right amount of boy for the little boy deep down inside me while still being girly.

Sequins Finds:
Blush pink double breasted Blazer originally $250.00. She got it for only $50.00!

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