Song of the Week

Sadly, this is the 1 Year Anniversary of my husband Michael Jackson’s passing. 😦 I’ve been a fan of MJ since I could remember. I was 3 years old and I wanted watch Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker on VHS over, over, over, over and over again! I would scream “Michael! Michael! Michael I’m going to marry you!” I loved that man so much. I still have this VHS til this day and watched twice last year!
I even had a red belt with a hologram photo of him. I wore it on top of my Catholic school uniform. It really clashed with my plaid jumper but I really didn’t care. I’d do anything for my other hubby. haha
My song of the week is “Rock With You“…I remember loving his sparkly ensemble in this video. He’s smooth like a baby’s bottom in this video…I love it! Enjoy! Spikes 😉

I can’t believe a year has passed already since Michael Jackson passed away 😦
He was an amazing performer and a great humanitarian. No one can ever fill his shoes. As a dancer, he inspired me to want to be great and perfect my craft. This is truly a tragic loss for me as I grew up idolizing him. I remember how excited I was to get a Michael Jackson doll from my mom for Christmas when I was little. He replaced Ken lol

My song of the week is “Remember The Time”. I loveeeee this video! The Egyptian theme is gorgeous and I love the dancing!!

RIP MJ always and forever!!!
❤ Sequins

Last year, we celebrated Michael by going to a Michael Jackson roller skating party. We showed honor and appreciation to the King of Pop and fashionisto by wearing MJ inspired outfits. We had so much fun even if we did almost bust our booties on the skating rink. 😉

Give her wind Honey! Check out the MJ white socks and penny loafers!

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