Bahgain Shopping Part 1~

One of my favorite places to shop while I’m in Virginia, is Rugged Wearhouse. This place is unbelievable! You can find name brands for under $10.00! Brand new, never been worn, name brand items! I just HAD to share my AH-mazing finds with you so I took some quick photos…

LAMB sneakers only $7.00!!! I got two purrr!

Check out these hot lace up bootie mama jammas! $10.00

I got really kool graphic tees from Urban Outfitters from only $1.00 thru $4.00!

There’s more from where that came from…stay tuned! 😉

4 thoughts on “Bahgain Shopping Part 1~

  1. Hey there Erin I really like your website/blog it is phenominal and I really like what u got goin in here, btw it’s Adrian from forever 21 hit me back when u get a chance.

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