Love Mama Dolls

My sister and I started a doll company called Love, Mama Dolls. Our grandmother made dolls and moms’ threads. After, her untimely passing my sister and I decided to carry on her crafty talents. Love, Mama dolls began in 2001 when our doll mommy ( the late Adrienne McDonald) advised us to start our own doll line. So, we did with the help of my family and friends!

Baby Spikes and my sister Tiffany

Check out some of our babies:

Meet Ms. Pearl Jean

Want to take her home!?! Click here

Meet Ms. Punky!

You feelin how Punky is so funky!?! Click here

Meet Ms. Fuchica!

Need her and those button shoes in your life? Click here

Meet Ms. Blu Jean!

Feelin Blu? No worries click here

Meet Hazel or I should say HeySel!

Check her out here

We offer dolls and other goodies. Check out our online shop My sister manages our Love, Mama blog! Please check it out and show us some love…click here

Also, be sure to check out our interview on Fly Girls

Spikes 😉

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