“I just wanna let it go for the night…”

I had an awesome weekend filled with good people and good laughs! First, my sister, our friend Elise and I headed over to Carnival for a birthday party! Carnival is the coolest place I’ve ever been to! Imagine a place that has Coney Island’s fun & games but it’s fused with a night club = Carnival!

I was determined to win a cute stuffed cow!!!!

Instead I won a Dolphin

Later, I traded in my 2 small prizes for the COW! YAAAAY! My new friend Lucas named him Rufus. Everyone meet Rufus the Cow! MooooOooOOOooo!

I tucked Rufus inside my bag all nite to keep him safe…he’s not use to this big city! hahaha 😉

There goes our darling friend Elise (in black)! She’s kinda camera shy 🙂

After Carnival we went to visit our dear friend Gio aka TEKIT EZ. He was spinning @ Good Company! Gio is a really great DJ. He fills your ears with surprises. You never know what he might spin next… old school hip hop, reggae or 90’s classics! He keeps ur toes movin n groovin! Check out his blog and download some of his mixes here.

Outfit Details:
Mesh Bodysuit: Asos
Shoes: Guess
Jeans: Forever 21
Bag: Sak
Ring: Noir & F21
Earrings: Noir
Bracelet: Sample sale find

Spikes 😉

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