Pastel Neon Nails!

This is a quick mini post because I’ve been very busy but I had to tell you about my new obsession…PASTEL NEON nail polish! It all started when I went to the nail salon last week. I saw a pastel green and pink.

I love the softness of neon pastels. It’s toned down from the really bright neon 1980’s colors but still very saturated to give you that POP of color! I ended up picking out the pastel green for my toesies!

Since, my visit to the nail salon I’ve been on a hunt for pastel neon colors. First, I found out Revlon has come out with a line of pastel nail polish colors. They will be sold @ Target!

Doing some browsing I found a set of pastel neon nail polishes @ Claire’s Accessories! Whooooo hooo I hit the jack pot check these colors out…

Immediately, I wanted to paint my nails but I couldn’t choose what color to wear so instead I picked all the colors. Ooooook maybe it’s a bit much but I just love it. I couldn’t resist! I did a zebra & leopard animal print on each nail! I’m a WILD CHILLLLD 🙂

Spikes 😉

4 thoughts on “Pastel Neon Nails!

  1. what salon in nyc did you go to? and do you know where to buy the JAS nail polish you are holding in the the first pic (also on your feet)?

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