Spikes’ Hair-doooos

I was browsing through my folder of pics and reminiscing. I noticed I’ve gone through many hairstyles throughout my 24 years on this earth! It’s so much fun to look back at yourself. It’s funny how a hairstyle can really bring you back to that day, time and moment. Take a peek at my timeline:

#1 Newborn Coif-My mom said I was born with a head full of hair. I was the baby everyone came to see “Look at that baby with all that hair!”

My grandma and my sister taking care of me! Haha Look @ my sisters face. I must of pooted!
#2 Pigtail Poofs-I was about 1 in this photo. I think this was my mom’s favorite hair-do! My mom loved it so much I had a permanent part in my hair. πŸ™‚

#3 Ponytail Poof-After, the pigtail poofs I think my mommy realized I was growing up and I needed a new “big girl” hair style. So, I graduated to the ponytail poof instead of the pigtail poofs!

#4 Pigtail Twists Ok, so my mom decided to bring back the pigtails but more updated. Pigtails with twists! My mom’s so fancy sighs…

Side note…Do you remember the Crayola 64 pack? with the sharpener in the back? WHooo hooo I loved getting new art supplies! Look at me color…

#5 Pulled back bush– As a preteen I started to comb my own hair but I didn’t really know how to handle it. So what does a girl do!?! Pull it back into a ponytail! Here I am with my grandma and my sister again.

#6 Half up/Half Down– Middle school throughout high school I got a bit fancier with my hair. I finally learned how to handle it… by using a flat iron!

#7 Audrey Hepburn Bun– This photo was taken heading to prom with my handsome date Bryan! Yes, Ms. Shawna Williams worked her magic for this hairstyle too!

#8 The High Bun– When I entered college at FIT, I took about 9 classes a semester! Yep, sounds crazy right? But I was determined to graduate on time! So, I pretty much had no time for getting fancy anymore. I was a commuting student with a huge art portfolio, pins, muslin, sewing supplies, sketch pads, markers, charcoal, textbooks, pencils and garments. I couldn’t be bothered with hair. I always wore a high bun! This hairstyle was quick and efficient. During the four years I was in school you rarely saw my hair down.
I tried to add a little flava to the high bun by wearing it with a faux hawk

#9 Natural-do’s– When the semester ended for Summer break I decided to embrace my natural curls for a while…

#10 Straightened with bangs– Fall semester began and I’m back to straight hair with bangs. It was too cold to walk outside with wet curly hair 😦 so the natural curls was thrown to back until the next summer. This picture was taken in my photography class.

#11 GRADUATION During my last semester at FIT I was able to balance my schedule much better! Haha Therefore I had more time to spend on my hair. I kept it straight but sometimes I put rollers in it to add big curls!

#12 Keep it looong– After I graduated I grew my hair out…

I had the poof before Snooki!

#13 THE CUT!– I took these photos literally before I cut all my hair

Wah-LA this is the hairdo most of youss know me for and I must say it was big change but a great decision!

What hairstyle do you think I should do next!?! Hmmmm stay tuned….. πŸ™‚


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