Hellz-Bellz x G-Shock Release Party!

This past week I attended the Hellz Bellz x G Shock Release Party. I had a GREAT time with good people! Thank you Yoshi for inviting me! It was a celebration for the recent collabo with one of my favorite brands, Hellz Bellz and G-Shock watches. Take a look @ these beauties:

I had a chance to speak with the founder and creative director of Hellz Bellz Ms. Lanie B to hear what her inspiration was for the watches! The yellow taxi cab checkered watch (MY FAVORITE) is inspired by the streets of New York City and the white polk dot watch is inspired by the 80’s (SHOUT OUT TO ALL THE 80’s KIDS!) when polka dot dresses, rompers, scrunchies were in everyone’s closets. I was very excited to meet Lanie!

Lanie aka Ms. Lawn-she’s such a sweetheart!

Kenia, Me, Angie, Yoshi, Ms. Lawn

Yoshi and I

Wendy of Nitrolicious

Beautiful models rockin’ Hellz and the G-Shock watches


The original G-Shock Baby G watches were also on display

Thse two photos are shot by Daniel Peguero

I’m looking forward to more collaborations with Hellz Bellz! Stay tuned…

You can purchase these limited edition watches here Also, while you are there please visit the Hellz site and blog!

Hellz Bellz FOREVA!

Spikes 😉

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