Bed Time Stories

The Hellz team has done it again! Another breathtaking release…

“Inspired by the emotional thriller, and theater blockbuster – Black Swan, HELLZ is pre-releasing one of S/S 2011’s most popular styles for a bone chillingly flawless kick-start to Spring. The ‘Bed Time Stories’ dress has been hand picked by clothing brand designer, Lanie Alabanza-Barcena directly to give all fashion insiders the opportunity to be the first to own this limited edition style. With geometric strap detail along with a feminine tu-tu like silhouette, the ‘Bed Time Stories’ dress will make any good girl want to go bad.

Women’s fashion label HELLZ brings a collective of very exciting releases through its easily accessible online boutique, featuring rare limited HELLZ pieces not sold anywhere else. With quick and personable customer service, we’re able to reach out to all those in need of requested guidance for a worry-free shopping experience. The pre-release of the ‘Bed Time stories’ dress marks as the second capsule release of the brands S/S 2011 secret launch, and slowly chimes in all style savvy ladies for what is soon to be expected from the official S/S 2011 release. Become a true style tastemaker by setting the tone for the season with the exclusive ‘Bed Time Stories’ dress, not seen anywhere else. Everyone wants to be the first to start something, and with HELLZ, you can.”

Thanks Brittany 🙂

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