LF sale recap!!!


Ok there really isn’t much to say about this post. The pics pretty much speak for themselves hehe. If you haven’t stopped by the sale yet you are missing out!!! Check out their new price points. It’s unbeatable!!! LF has unique items for your closet that could last in your wardrobe for years. Hurry stop by today!

Here are my finds below and how I’d wear em 🙂 …

Outfit 1

Millau lace dress (with nude slip also from LF) and socks from LF

Outfit 2

Millau lace dress with striped leggings from LF

Outfit 3

Handmade wool sweater jacket and fleece black leggings from LF

Outfit 4

Teddy bear hat, studded leather bracelet, drapey top, Nordic leggings, “Ronnie” wedge boots by Matiko ALL from LF


As you know I heart the Jeffrey Campbell Lita shoes. I already own 3 pairs! My sister Tiff isn’t a big fan of heels but somehow I convinced her to try on a pair of Lita shoes while we were in LF. She slipped a pair on and they’ve been inseparable since. I swear Lita shoes are the MOST COMFY platforms EVER! I just can’t get enough. I’m so jealous she found a pair left during the sale. She purchased these gorgeous navy blue Litas just under $70 bucks!

Here she is sporting her LF finds…

Millau lace dress with blue suede Lita shoes from LF


Yes, we own the same top! Also from LF

Rockin her Litas with a Jumpsuit from F21

2 thoughts on “LF sale recap!!!

  1. ugh! i’ve been stuck at home sick with a horrible cold! i wish i could have made it to LF =( you got a lot of awesome stuff, i would have just given you money to shop for me lol – do you know if they had the lita’s in a size 6? can’t find any black/tan anywhere!

    you got some awesome finds so jealous! let me know when you need to toss out your closet for a new one bahahaha!

  2. I saw your tweet I’m sorry I hope you feel better! LF sale is still goin not sure when it ends but they still have some good things. hehe I would have had no problem shoppin for you! Unfortunately the Litas that were left were size 9-9.5 no small sizes 😦 I wear a size 7 thats why I’m so jelly of my sister cuz she wears a 9…womp womp

    And if ever I toss my closet you’d be the first to know hehehehe 🙂

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