March’s Artist of the Month: Saleem


This month’s Artist of the Month is writer Saleem. This talented young man just released his 1st book “Odyssey of a Phenix“…

For Saleem poetry is the canvas upon which he can create portraits: grotesque, impressionistic, and avant-garde – but always vivid. Phenix represents all that he was, is, and can be displaying the thoughts of a young black boy who grew up confused, inspired, loved, curious, open minded, fearless, competitive, at times reckless, and eternally creative.”

You can purchase his book here. Explore his website here.

Read his interview below:


from NY, raised in long island currently in queens

Why are you artist of the month?
Because I had a dream when I was 13 years old and I’m excited and proud to say that I have actualized that dream. I hope Langston Hughes would be proud that it was not deferred. Publishing my first book was a long time goal that has come to fruition. I’m a writer of poetry, prose, fiction, and r&b.  But I am here to promote other young writers as well, and help give them a creative space to share their art with the world. I am a lover of the arts and my new publishing company Dream Write Now is geared toward art, writing, and music.


What inspires you?
I am inspired by the world, by people, human interactions, and of course purple. I like to analyze things and watch how people converse and deal w/ different situations and find a great deal of inspiration in doing so. I also look to nature and the elements to tap into a realm of creativity that is not always visible to the common eye.

Is there anything else that you would like to create/accomplish that you haven’t already?
I’m working on publishing a second book by the end of this year that focuses solely on the culture of hip hop expressed through poetry. I plan to have my company expand and to soon publish other writer’s collections of work and one day become a leader and publishing manufacturer. But most of all I want to keep elevating the artistic form of expression.

Do have any advice?
Tap into your talent and be true to its very essence. Don’t fear success or scrutiny it all comes w/ the territory. Dream Write Now (not later, no time to waste). Let’s fly!

Contact Info:

A poem by Saleem…

I massaged your future With my dreams last night By the fireside Whereby I chose to let my Spirit reside…
For centuries at a time I shall be yours You shall be mine This longing
This crime
Has become difficult to hide As my feet decide Where my heart will reside As our hips collide
We’ve put into motion What we once denied That warmth of our desire Soothes me to the core As I can taste, feel, and see Our past, present, and future flash before

A haiku by Saleem…

V (D)-day
massacre my heart

cupid violently shot me

How can I love thee?

Copyright © 2011 Saleem

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