Quadron @ Sephora

A couple weeks ago I went to see one of my favorite music groups, Quadron! They are a Danish electric soul duo, consisting of singer Coco and musician/producer Robin . They were performing for FREE at the 5th ave Sephora. Crazy right!?! My sister, friend Stephanie and I enjoyed an evening of great music!

I even had a chance to meet Coco, snap a picture with her and have her sign my CD!

Coco is the sweetest and very thankful for her fans! Nothing like giving love to only get it back. I really like her top too!

If you have never heard Quadron’s music please take a listen to this song!


Quadron’s Unpatience


After that please watch this video!  It’s in Danish but you really don’t need a translator to feel this. Music is a universal language. Enjoy! It’s beautiful 🙂

Boom Clap Bachelors feat. Coco of Quadron

 Løb Stop Stå

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