A Gift from The Sak Brand Group

Remember a while back I did a major post on The Sak Brand’s Holiday Collection? Well, I just received a very special gift for from the collection!!! I received the black leather “Oro” double gusset shoulder bag by Elliott Lucca! Isn’t she beautiful!?! The leather is soft and HELLO do you see those studs? Has my name written all over it. I DIE for this bag. I’ll be wearing this all season! Thank you so much Elliott Lucca! Your lovely handbag is in good hands!

And there is more from The Sak Brand Group! Right now Sakroots has just introduced their newest print in the Artist Circle Gallery of Prints – Treehouse!  Watch the exclusive video premiere of “The Making of Sakroots Treehouse”, featuring Sara and Emily Blake.  You can then download the original song “Treehouse” by Emily Blake and Receive $10 off your next purchase on www.sakroots.com


Shop the treehouse print

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