“You a bad girl and your friends bad too”

“We got the swag so she drippin’ swagoo
You a bad girl and your friends bad too, oh”


Beyonce’s new video for the song entitled “Party” brings me back to the 1990’s, when I was listening to SWV, TLC and my very first cassette tape “Summertime” by Will Smith & Jazzy Jeff. Ahhh memories! What do you do when it’s snowing outside in October? DUH! Pretend its summer inside! After watching this video I wanted to recreate a fun summer outfit inspired by all her looks!  Besides, I already have the same tank in blue 🙂 (see my outfit deets and the music video below)

“Party” has an old school sound and old school styling. Bright colors, lashings of lipstick, costume jewelry, short sets and a good fanny pack is all you need to recreate this video look! I love the tempo of this song and her old school moves. hehe Get it Yonce! Nope, “Yonce” is not a typo. I just think the name “Yonce” fits her better than “BEyonce” for this video. Yonce” sounds more like an around away girl nickname 🙂 This track was produced by Kanyeezy!

Have any music videos inspired your outfits lately?

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