Karen Millen Part 2

Here are two more fab outfits from my visit at Karen Millen!

First outfit: I’m wearing the Pannelled Stripe Bodycon dress, Blue Color Leather jacket and Graphic Stripe Pump. I love, love, love this outfit! The paneling is bold and makes such a statement! It also gives an illusion of being slimmer. What gal wouldn’t like that!?! The blue leather jacket is very refreshing compared to the typical black leather jacket. This outfit is perfect for the warm weather we’ve been having in NYC!

Second outfit: What can I say…these PANTS, these PANTS, these pants are the best skinny pants I’ve ever worn! They fit perfectly and hug in the right places! They are perfect for girls with hips! I’m also wearing a red tailored jacket with bright silver buttons. The gorgeous red color is what really attracted me to this jacket!

I still have quite a few more outfits to post from my funtastic visit to Karen Millen! Stay tuned for more fabulous pieces!!!

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