Fashion Star Part 2

In this last picture it got just a little too windy haha! I definitely gave whoever was looking a treat! Opps!

In this post I’m wearing my 2nd purchase from the television show Fashion Star! This dress is the winning dress by Sarah Parrott for H&M from episode 3! Again, this style sold out within minutes online after the show aired so I stopped into H&M the following day to check it out! I’ll admit I was a bit disappointed when I saw the color because on the show the colors for this dress were much brighter but I did like the mesh back and draping of the dress so I decided to give it a try! When I tried it on I was quite pleased. I can picture wearing it to a formal dressy occasion or wearing it casually on the beach! This dress is very versatile so I didn’t mind the color anymore 🙂 The price wasn’t bad either. It sold for $29.95! In this look I paired the dress with hidden platform pumps and tassel earrings also an H&M find!

I can’t wait to see the designs tonight! It seems like H&M adores Sarah Parrott’s designs and so do I! Fashion Star airs tonight at 10PM on NBC!

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