So Long Betsey…FINAL Sample Sale

Some of you may already know but one of my FAVORITE designers, Betsey Johnson is going out of business!!! 😦 (hence the sad face above) I’m deeply sadden by this news as she is responsible for about 75% of my wardrobe. Who will replace Betsey? Does anyone even compare to Betsey’s unique and whimsical fashions!? I think NOT! I will cherish every piece I have by her! I’ve read articles stating Steve Madden Inc. has bought and taken over the Betsey Johnson License but lets be REAL here…Steve you can’t handle REAL die hard Betsey Johnson fans! More than likely when Steve takes over Betsey Johnson’s fashions will lose it’s whimsy and be watered down to appeal to mass market customers 😦

ANYWHO, I’m saying all of this to say that Betsey Johnson is having their FINAL sample sale in NYC this weekend and the prices are out of this world!!! So, if you’re a die hard BJ fan like me get your metro card ready and head to the city this weekend to experience Betsey’s final days! Please go and grab beautiful pieces for much less!!! I’m talking BAHGAINS! I was lucky to grab this Fuchsia Satin Rosette dress for under $70! The original price is $485.00 and in stores it’s $291.00!

The best part apart a sample sale is that you could very well be purchasing a sample that didn’t go into production therefore it is ONE OF A KIND and you will be the only person to own that piece! AH-Mazing!

I will be posting more of my finds from the BJ sale throughout the weekend so stay tuned!

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