New Features… “The Feisty House” & “Simplistically Complex Gentleman”

Since I’ve been so wrapped into my hectic schedule I haven’t have the chance to share with you 2 awesome features!!!

I love being featured and receiving blog love! I’m so thankful and honored! Some how it’s like seeing your labor of love transcend into something great. What’s a blog without love!?! 🙂


First, Krystal of “The Feisty House” featured “Spikes & Sequins” on her awesome blog! Read my interview and see the feature here

P.S. Make sure to follow her blog for natural hair tutorials and great fashion advice!

Thanks so much Krystal for this feature!!! xo


My 2nd feature is on “Simplistically Complex Gentleman“. Here is lovely composition of a few of my looks. Check it out here.

THANK YOU FOR ALL THE BLOG LOVE! Here it is right back!


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