The Motel style blog has chosen one of my photos to be in a “Papped Wearing Motel” competition!!!! The photo with the most votes will win a Motel dress! Prettty please be a doll and vote for me!!! It’s so simple just click here

Also, while you’re at it buy yourself a little something and use the code “ejones” at checkout and receive 20% off of your purchase! US orders ship freeeeeee!

Check out our other posts on Motel here, here, and here

Thank you sooooo much! I deeply appreciate you taking the time to vote for me 🙂 In the future let us know if your photo is chosen in the competition too and we’ll be glad to vote for you too!

Spikes 😉

2 thoughts on “Paparazzi!

  1. “memoories dont live like me and you
    they always remember you
    whether things are good or bad
    its just the memoories” mos def.

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