Song of the week!

This week’s song is N.E.R.D’s “Hot n Fun” featuring Nelly Furtado! We absolutely love this video. Ok, ok, ok I know what your thinking, “Of course you would, Pharrell’s in it!” but it’s really a great video with a WHOLE lotta flava! The song is funky and gets ya toes tappin. It might even get those hips rockin’. The styling in the video is very BOHO, Native American, Western and “Where the Wild Things Are“. I’m talking suede, fringe, moccasins, feathers, fur, foxtails, animal prints, cut off shorts and DENIM! We LOVES IT! Check it out…

Check out some of the stills:

I ♥ this car

Kool eye makeup

The “Hot n Fun” video inspired one of my outfits this week. I had a check off list as I styled it:
1. Fur Leopard hat-CHECK!
2. Suede vest Mink PinkCHECK!
3. Denim shorts-CHECK!
4. Feather necklace Free PeopleCHECK!
5. Foxtail-CHECK!
I paired my must haves with a cream assymetrical crop tank from LF Stores, leopard wedges HM, spike cuff from Redress, cross ring F21 and denim purse Zara

I’m very proud of myself because this is the first time I wore my foxtail. I really like the look of a foxtail as a keychain for your purse or jeans. I ordered it months ago but when I opened the box I discovered my fear of furry things! I couldn’t touch it, look at it or even sit next to me without FREAKING out! When I put together this outfit I said to myself “something’s missing!?”…”my foxtail!” The foxtail was like the cherry on top for my outfit! I had to conquer my fear in order to complete my outfit!!! So, I asked Sequins to take it out the box and clip it onto my purse because I wasn’t brave enough to do it myself. Haha Thank you Sequins! Eventually, throughout the day I got use to this little furry fella and now we’re friends.

Sequins didn’t know I planned this outfit but she showed up and she fit right in!!! AH-MAZING!

4 thoughts on “Song of the week!

  1. Spikes, I MUST know what shade of lipstick you’re wearing here! It’s absolutely gawwwjess, and I need it for the summer time 😀

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