Motel “BFFs With Style” Contest!

Hi Boos!!! Please watch our video to hear our breaking news…

We have EXCITING NEWS! Spikes & Sequins has teamed up with to bring you an awesome contest for you and your best friend. You can WIN A DRESS FOR YOU AND YOUR BFF from!!!!!!! As you know, we use this blog to not only document our importance of friendship but to show off our individual styles…take a peek at our “About Us“. Sequins and I believe in being original and unique in everything you do! It’s important to be your own person and dare to be different. BE A LEADER! We think it’s about time we see how stylish our readers are! That’s why we came up with this contest. How fun would it be for you to dress up with YOUR best friend and show us your individual styles!?! Besides, who wouldn’t want to a Motel Dress in their closet!?!?!

Details for the “BFFs With Style” Contest:
*In order to enter the contest we would like you to take a photo with your BFF showing us your individual styles and originality. Please email us the photo of you and your best friend to Please note there can only be 2 people per entry. In your email please include the following:
1) Your name and your BFF’s name
2) In a few sentences please describe your individual styles and your importance of friendship.

*The contest will begin August 9th and end September 13th. After all the submissions we will pick the top 3 photos to go up for public vote! We will announce the final winner on September 22nd! sent us the Grace Peacock dress and we styled it to fit Spikes & Sequins’ distinct styles!!!! Even though we wore the same dress we still made it our own. Take a look at our photoshoot showing off our individuality…

Spikes’ Closet


Photo Cred: To Clifton Jones

We can’t wait to see your submissions!!!! Each week look for you photo to appear on the blog! AHHHHHHH WE DIE!!!! GOODLUCK!

If you have any questions please leave a comment below or you can email us at

For any updates please check out our Contest page here

16 thoughts on “Motel “BFFs With Style” Contest!

  1. You ladies both have such awesome style, I would love to get to know you more and read your fabulous posts. Lets stay in touch, what do you say?

    Love from Toronto, Canada

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