Maurie & Eve Sample Sale @ Bui Lavry

Last week I was checking Facebook and I noticed Solestruck posted a flyer for a NYC Sample Sale for Aussie designers including Maurie & Eve! The flyer said everything was 75% off and if you brought a friend you’ll get $5 off! I FREAKED because I LOVE Maurie & Eve but I don’t have a Maurie & Eve’s budget. 😦 Don’t know who Maurie & Eve are? Well, you might recognize these killer creeper wedges thats been floating on fashion blogs and editorials…

Unfortunately, it was only the last day so I didn’t have the opportunity to do a post and let you guys know. 😦 I decided to go with my friend Alice to check out what Maurie & Eve had on sale. The sale was hosted by Bui Lavry PR. Their showroom was very pretty and inviting. We felt at home. It had the perfect shopping environment. There were racks of beautiful clothing everywhere. Alice and I DIED and went to heaven!

I purchased this seafoam strapless dress and I was lucky enough to snag the infamous creeper wedges!

I died when I saw this coral Torture Me dress!

I remember this dress was on in seafoam a few months ago.

Picture from

Funny the model is styled with my sunglasses I purchase in LA! I decided to rock my shades too! I love the spikes on the sleeves! DELICIOUS!

There were many pieces left so I hope Bui Lavry extends their sale this week so you guys can go and catch some great bargains too!!! If they do extend it here’s what you have to look forward to…

Here is a rack of maxi dresses, gowns, blouses…

This shirt (it could be worn as a dress too) 

Shoes! Nuff said!

These leopard booties size 37

More creeper wedges! Size 39!

Motorcylce booties! Ahhh I loved these but they were tooo big! Size 39!

I adored these spikes dresses! I want! I want! If they extend the sale I might have to snag one. Wha ya think!?!

Very pretty ruffled vest!

Alice purchase this gorgeous maxi dress with a cut out back. I wish I had her height to wear long dresses like this one. She looks stunning!

 We wouldn’t wear these pieces all together but we loved this jacket, pants and tank.

It was such a hard decision to finalize our purchases! There were too many beautiful inexpensive pieces. We both received $5 off our total since we brought each other! I REALLY hope they extend the sale and if/when I find out I’ll be sure to let you know! Stay tuned…

A BIG THANKS to Tinyan of Bui Lavry for helping us!

God bless Solestruck for posting this flyer on the last day 🙂

In the meantime add Bui Lavry to your Facebook and take a visit to

Maurie & Eve’s website!

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