Day & Night Motel Contest Finalists! Please Vote!

The “Day & Night Contest” finalists are in! Congratulations Angie and Alaysia! You ladies now have the chance to WIN a Motel dress of your choice! Thank you for all who entered the contest!  Meet the final contestants below and cast your vote! Voting will end December 3rd!

 Meet Angie! Angie transformed her polka dot halter top and pencil skirt into a office daytime look and then a night look. She created an office daytime look by adding a blazer, smart eyeglasses and pinning her hair up. To transform into her night look she removed the blazer, let her hair down and added a metallic purse! Go head girl!  If you love her look, please vote for Angie below…

Meet Alaysia! Alaysia transformed her look from day to night by turning her zebra print scarf into a top. Her day look is meant to be an easy outfit for those busy college days while her night look plays up her funky-ready-to-dance side! For her night look she added the bow from her hat (from her day look) to the top (scarf), she added a belt, grey heels and removed her lace tights. How clever is she!?! If you love her look, please vote for Alaysia below…

Voting will end December 3rd!

Thank you again for all your entries!

10 thoughts on “Day & Night Motel Contest Finalists! Please Vote!

  1. i agree with kathy. the less i have to do the better,..also what happens if the scarf falls off on the second choice? lol! opps!

  2. LOVE alaysia’s look!!! As a college student it definitely helps to be able to change an outfit from school to club!!!! Love the idea of the scarf as a shirt lmao on a college students budget using something as a shirt and an accessory is soo smart! Hope she wins!

  3. i find it very creative to turn a scarf into a shirt, i don’t see it being able to fall off when accessorized with the leather belt and cute bow holding it all together. this is very cute !

  4. i dunno i personelly wud feel insecure wearing a scarf for a top. if its a night time outfit im probally going to a lounge or club where i wud want to unwind n i wudnt be able to dance or move comfortably in that! but thats just me. its pretty creative tho! just not my style. i like more sophisticated things

  5. I voted for Angie! Both of her looks are polished, classic and beautiful! It’s sophisticated, but still sexy and fun. There is way too much going on in Alaysia’s look, and it’s just not appealing. Also the scarf as a top is a god idea in theory, but I wouldn’t want to chance it. And what if you’re busty? Very risky!

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