Black Friday Shopping & Blog Love

(Pictured in the parking lot before I hit the mall!)

This past weekend I went shopping at Roosevelt Field Mall to catch some Black Friday bahgains. Unfortunately, I didn’t find too many great sales but I did end up purchasing a Free People dress from Bloomingdales for under $70. I guess its good I didn’t find a lot to buy this way I can save! hehe I wore the dress yesterday along with the reversible fur vest that I wore on Thanksgiving! I love this dress. It is long and the fabric has so much movement. I feel like a boho princess πŸ™‚

Besides finding a lovely dress I was pleasantly surprised by a reader/fan of the blog! She recognized me (my mom and my sis) from Spikes & Sequins. She was really excited and surprised to meet me. She was very kind and such a sweetheart! Hey girl! If you are reading this THANK YOU for making my day! I’m really glad I had the opportunity to meet you! Thanks so much for your love & support. It feels good to get positive feedback when you work really hard at something. Without any readers/fans, this blog wouldn’t be what it is! It keeps me going. Thank you to ALL Spikes & Sequins’ readers!

6 thoughts on “Black Friday Shopping & Blog Love

  1. Great Post! I am so proud of your work and effort! You are going far! Positive thoughts and energy! I will always have your back. Thanks for making me blog famous! πŸ™‚

  2. Omg that is so exciting! Im always nervous someone will recognize me on the day im looking crazy! Haha but yeahhh i didnt do too much black friday shopping either, im still recovering from my hm versace haul! I did get a dope via spiga jacket on super sale!

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