Jammy Jam

DPP_0045 copyDPP_0048jamDPP_0021jamDPP_0030jam copyDPP_0003jamDPP_0013 copyDPP_0037jam copyDPP_0040jamDPP_0018jamDPP_0027 copyOne of the most memorable brands I saw at magic was Jammy Pack! Yup, you read that correctly… Jammy Pack kind of sounds like fanny pack right!? Jammy pack isn’t to be confused with your grandmas fanny pack. Jammy pack is on another level. Jammy packs have built in speakers that connect to your mp3 player or iPhone! It also has a battery holder. They come in an array of dope prints and colors. Jammy Packs are perfect to wear to the beach,  skating, road trips, biking, or who knows maybe you could get the party going and pump up a jam in your subway car!? Anyways Jammy Pack is such a clever accessory. Who wouldn’t want one to add to their closet!? Ladies this pack not only plays music but it can hold your lip gloss, pack of gum and daddys credit card! hehe Be noticed and be heard in your Jammy Pack! Thank you Alex for gifting this fresh Jammy pack!

As for my obsession with donuts… you can purchase this sassy donut suit on one of my favorite online shops Missguided! They have affordable trendy fashion!

Outfit deets: donut bodysuit from MissGuided,  bag by Jammy Pack, shorts from LF stores,
shoes from HM

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